Celebrate And Share Your Patriotism On July 4th

Friday, July 1, 2016

July Fourth celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It’s a showcase for patriotism. But what does all of this really mean? 

Patriotism comes from the heart. It’s what you believe and what you care about. It’s a sense of belonging and part of the culture one embraces. 

In the Army, we lived it each and every mission we undertook. Many of those with whom I served are now veterans. We fought for our country, our families, our neighbors, our community and our buddies on the left and the right. We will all be celebrating the Fourth and checking on each other. 

I’ll spend the morning at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, who led the military movement for independence. Close to 225 years later, I served on multi-national military teams committed to carrying forward this belief, participating in the fight for three other countries (Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan) to have independence. In the afternoon, I will be with Dixon Center co-workers, celebrating our continued service to veterans and military families so that we all can live happy, productive, independent lives. 

Embrace the day! What will you be reflecting on while you recognize our nation’s freedom and your own patriotism? Leave a comment and let us know.


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