What Our Clients Are Saying

"David Sutherland’s leadership skills, honed throughout his distinguished military career, have helped evolve the way I think about management and decision-making. He understands how to motivate and inspire people, and by linking values to employee behaviors, he has driven change in a wide variety of organizations.” 

-Robert J. McCann, Chairman, UBS Americas

"Great leaders are who they say they are and they have integrity beyond compare. Sutherland Partnership has brought motivation, assessments and solutions that have enhanced the Teamsters Military Assistance Program with positive impact for thousands of veterans and military families across the country."

Michael “Mick” Yauger, National Director, Teamsters Military Assistance Program

"Colonel Sutherland is a gifted and spectacular speaker. He spoke at our Auto Care Association AAPEX 2015 and inspired everyone in the room. Every one of the nearly 1,000 guests were mesmerized by his stories and as he removed the oxygen from the room they were inspired to do more, be more and make more of a difference as leaders in our business.”

Larry Northup, Executive Director or AWDA, Senior Director of Member Relations, Auto Care Association

"What a leader!  What a patriot!  What an American!  Very few embody the leadership qualities, dedication, honor and commitment to country as Colonel David Sutherland. He is tireless in his efforts to bring attention to the needs of our veterans and military service men and women. It's such an honor to know and work with him. 

Rick Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, Century 21 Real Estate, LLC

“Colonel Sutherland spoke to our Board of Directors and biggest corporate supporters who hear fantastic speakers all the time and are filled with questions.  They were completely speechless.  Everyone was inspired by his message about Leading From the Front.  It was a powerful motivator as he clearly articulated our value proposition to this important constituency.  He asked them for their commitment and we got it!  My team and all of those present left the presentation with a new fervor for conquering our own organizations’ challenges and a renewed eagerness to serve our stakeholders.”

Rehang Farrell, Executive Director, Youth INC

“COL Sutherland walks the walk.  It is with his help and leadership that motivated me to start my nonprofit, Allies in Service, which focuses solely on improving the overall quality of life for Dallas veterans and military families.  He worked tirelessly with my team to make sure that we had the best organization we could.  We could’t have done it without his leadership.”

Roger Staubach, Founder and Chairman, Allies in Service

"Colonel Sutherland was the keynote at our annual American Water Labor Management Conference, closing a two day session focused on safety, trust, teamwork and personal development.  He was the perfect final speaker, inspiring all 160 people in the room with his real-world examples of caring, sacrifice, commitment, and true leadership under conditions unimaginable to most of us. He reminds us all that heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things, and that as leaders our biggest job is to be worthy of the people we get the honor and privilege to lead." 

Susan Story, CEO, American Water

"Colonel Sutherland was the keynote at the 31st General Convention of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.  His presentation perfectly outlined our focus of teamwork, service and family.  A true leader by example, he inspired over 400 people in the conference hall. Drawing on his experience of service providing vivid examples of sacrifice, service, valor, commitment, and true examples of leaders who lead from the front under the most unimaginable conditions. COL Sutherland brings home to all of us stories of the people who have sacrificed all for the freedoms we enjoy today."

Frank J. Christensen, General President, International Union of Elevator Constructors