We are a corporation of experts that works with for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector organizations to develop the leaders, values and engaging cultures needed to succeed.  We create solutions, where others cannot.

We will help your organization become (and remain) a high-performing organization, with a robust culture providing a competitive advantage. Through measurement and analysis to solution design and execution, our unique approach will provide you with a path forward to ensuring you retain the right employees and those employees can work together as a coordinated team.

We guide teams in transformational change that enhance organizational purpose and relationships between institutions, high net-worth investors, customers, employees and their communities. This is done by linking values to behaviors to create culture development which in turn strengthens institutional trust and generates increased transactions, outputs and mission successes.

Watch our video, “Lead from the Front,” Leadership where top-tier talent will never abandon your culture of innovation and success. In fact, their behaviors will drive it!

Leadership Development

By defining shared values and behaviors at the organizational level, we help our clients instill cultures of institutional leadership that go beyond the individual. We also create and implement training programs that develop ethical leaders who can translate these values and behaviors into action at all levels of the organization.

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Corporate Culture Transformation

We help our clients transform their organizational cultures. Using a method of assessment, we quantify their cultures and identify key areas of improvement, such as in leadership development, onboarding, and recognition programs. We then work with them to redesign these programs to align with and reinforce their desired culture.

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Veterans Inclusion

With over 75 years of combined military experience on our team, we understand the value of our country’s servicemen and women. We work with our clients to develop veterans inclusion programs that promote increased quality of life solutions relating to education, secure and meaningful employment and overall wellness for all those touched by military service.

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Inspirational Speaking

If you’re looking for a commanding “tone-setter;” a highly-decorated military leader who will electrify your audience, amp-up morale, and completely charge-up the leadership potential of every audience member, then now is the time to experience the inspirational “surge” and power of COL David Sutherland.

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