Inspirational Speaking

Every generation or so, America is blessed with a War Hero who delivers results on the motivational platform as well as he or she delivered results with soldiers on the tactical battlefield. Colonel David W. Sutherland (US Army – Retired) was one of 13 Brigade Commanders during “The Surge” in the Iraq War. COL Sutherland – and nearly 12,000 troops under his command – successfully beat-back Al Qaeda and insurgents under the watchful eye of Commanding General David H. Petraeus and the American public. History will forever declare that “The Surge” turned the Iraq War around and no one accomplished more – or made greater sacrifices with life, blood and effort – than COL Sutherland’s legendary troops.

Since completing his final military mission as Special Deputy to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, COL Sutherland has traveled across the country conducting leadership training exercises and delivering motivational speeches and presentations.

COL Sutherland delivers the lightning power of leadership by revealing “the epiphany of greatness” that lives within each of us. When we lead, we become the “tactical edge” of any organization. Our people, our employees, our colleagues and everyone in the audience will be inspired to work in harmony to serve and support each organization as the tactical edge. This – the people; your people – is where we find the precise trigger-point for change management. Changing the outlook and attitudes of your people is the first step in changing your organizational culture so that it can evolve and grow.

In COL Sutherland’s world – be it 12,000 troops in the middle of a war, or 200 salespeople in the middle of a recession – everyone has the “capacity for greatness.” His inspirational presentations unleash the “aha” moment which will transform every audience into hungry, motivated, and forever-changed leaders.

COL Sutherland will hold your audience spellbound then leave them on their feet with tears streaming down. He will share his inspirational war stories and profiles of courage then apply those stories to the needs of each audience. You don’t have to be a combat soldier or a highly-trained athlete. COL Sutherland will unlock your audience's potential for greatness.

If you’re looking for a commanding “tone-setter;” a highly-decorated military leader who will electrify your audience, amp-up morale, and completely charge-up the leadership potential of every audience member, then now is the time to experience the inspirational “surge” and power of COL David Sutherland.