Colonel David W. Sutherland

Founder and President

Sutherland is both a leader and an entrepreneur who currently serves as President of Sutherland Partnership, Inc.  Following his 29 years of service in the U.S. Army, Colonel Sutherland has consulted with many corporations, non-for-profits and government entities on the topics of leadership and organizational culture. He is also a nationally recognized speaker and vocal advocate for transformational change that is driven by visionary, ethical and engaged leaders.

He and his team have developed tools to quantify what is happening inside specific corporations regarding culture (both positive and negative), and helps identify new ways to manage and drive performance. He believes, from his experiences on the battlefield, that building a successful culture by informed leaders has become one of the most significant sources of competitive advantage and brand differentiation in business today. He knows that culture is a fundamental driver of operational and individual performance as well as innovation, execution and overall company success.

Colonel Sutherland culminated his military service following Combat Brigade Command during Surge Operations in Iraq, as the Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with principle focus on Warrior and Family Support. He is respected not only by those he served with but by those he served for. He is recognized for his courage on and off the battlefield and is an untiring advocate for our service members, military veterans, their families, and the families of our fallen.

Through his tireless efforts within and across communities in the United States, he has built a vast network of community-based leaders whom he assists in brining innovative solutions that enable veterans and their families in education, meaningful employment and wellness. As is also a trusted advisor to many former senior military leaders including former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commanders, former Department of Defense leadership and Corporate leaders on the evolving needs of corporate culture, veterans and their families.

Sutherland has been decorated numerous times during his career and proudly wears the Bronze Star Medal with oak leaf cluster, Purple Heart, Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman's Badge Second Award and Senior Parachutist Badge. He has also been recognized by numerous national organizations for his work on behalf of veterans and their families. He received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and his Masters in Strategic Studies.

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